Rum facts (I stole most of this from wikipedia. Did you think I did actual research?):

-Rum is made from distilling molasses and sugarcane juice, then aged in oak barrels.
-The majority of the world's rum production occurs in and around the Caribbean.
-No one knows for sure where the word came from
a)the last syllable of the Latin word for sugar, saccharum
b)the Romani word rum, meaning "strong" or "potent."
c)a truncated version of rumbullion or rumbustion, which mean "tumult" or "uproar."
-Other names for rum include Nelson's Blood, Kill-Devil, Demon Water, Pirate's Drink, Navy Neaters, and Barbados water
-Rum was first distilled on plantations on the 17th century, but its forerunner- a crude drink called brum- dates back thousands of years.
-The most expensive rum in the world is a bottle containing a blend of Wray and Nephew Rums, dating back to the 1940's It is valued at $54,000 USD
-I've no ideas as to what the cheapest rum is, other than free. Whatever it is, I'll take it.

Now to the good part, the drinking of said rum.

Any rum can be drank (drunk, drinked?) straight, particularly the gold and dark varieties, but you may want to mix it up with one of these rum drinks (lifted from

Bahama Mama Great White Limey
Pirate's Friend
Beach Buster Grog Maliboo Witches Brew Privateer
Between the Sheets Heat Wave Mojito Quarter Deck Cocktail
Crimson Tide Horny Goat Monkey Fizz Shark Attack
Devil's Poison Hurricane Nude Beach Tropical Itch
Funky Monkey Jamaica Me Crazy
Orange Bomber
    Pina Colada Zombie
To be clear, I'm just offering these as suggestions. Don't go blaming me if you have too much and run aground.

Looking for another, perhaps more discreet way to consume your rum? Try one or more of these rum recipes, courtesy of
Ahi, Baby Shrimp
and Hamachi Ceviche
Banana Rum Puffs Drunken Chocolate Cake Rum Pulled Pork
Apricot Fritters Cassata Siciliana Canoli Cake English Christmas Rum Pudding Rum-Runner Chicken
Avocado Ice Cream Chocolate Rum Fondue Flaming Fish Rum Raisin Coffee Cake
Baby Back, Back, Back Ribs Coconut Macadamia Truffles Garlic and Rum Roast Pork Stone Crab Cobbler

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