No pirate can do it alone, and Molly and I have managed to come to an accord with a number of other scalawags out there. You may find the services of one or two appealing.

The Rogues' Armada
This is a collection of crews from all over North America from New England to California to Mexico and the list continues to grow! Whatever you need for your pirate themed event, you'll find the right pirates for it here!

NyghtCraft Leather
Bloody excellent leather smith, whether you need any eye patch, bracers, a sword belt or a waist coat, this bloke's got you covered, as it were.

Pirate Ship Charters
Climb aboard a real Tall Ship on the waters of historic Rockport. Captain Russ and his crew will take you out on to the open waters and who knows, you may even have the chance to fire a ship's gun and encounter a scallywag or two.

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