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The Rogues' Armada is not just a pirate group. It is an alliance of pirate performers from all over the North East. This allows us to perform at multiple venues simultaneously and to offer a diverse set of performers and talents, giving you exactly what you need to make your event the best it can be.

Amongst our pirates you'll find comedic interaction, story tellers, pirate historians, fire breathers and jugglers, sword fighting demonstrations, cannon demonstrations, authentic sea shanty singers, a real tall ship for harbour cruises and even mermaids!

All of our performers are experienced professionals, many with decades of experience. Many have also won awards for their performances and been featured in major publications like New Hampshire Magazine and the Boston Herald. Our costumes are top quality but, more importantly, so are the actors. When you hire a Rogue you don't just get a pirate costume, you get a PIRATE!

Each crew and performer represents the Armada but is independent, each owning or having a stake in his or her own performance business, so you know that the Pirate who appears at your event is invested in and serious about what they do.

Want pirate musicians to entertain your guests? We have everything from authentic sea shanties to pirate music with a modern or comedic twist, or songs geared towards children. Want to put on a light show? How about pirates who juggle fire or electric lights. Have a crew of children to entertain? We have junior pirate trainings, games, songs and stories. Or do you just want a band of pirates to roam about and interact with your guests for a bit of fun? We can do that too. We even have a pirate "jail cell" and stocks in which we can "lock up" your guests for a photo opportunity like no other.

Whether it is a children's party, a fund raiser, a thank-you party for your employees or even a wedding, the Rogues' Armada can provide you with unique entertainment your guests will be sure to remember.

For more information, please visit our Find a Crew in Your Area page, or email us at info@roguesarmada.com

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