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The Rogues' Armada is made up of the finest pirate crews you'll find in the North East, and at least one of them is sure to be just the thing you are looking for. We've provided a list of crew or performer names, what they specialize in, the areas they serve (though most are certainly willing to travel), and a brief introduction. There is a 'more info' link associated with each through which you can email us with any questions.

New England

Get Captain Jack More info
Get Captain Jack is new England's Premier "Jack" impersonator. He and Lady Molly have been entertaining children and adults alike as pirates for over ten years now, and even longer as improvisational comedy actors in Boston's Theater District. Having won awards for their piratical portrayals as well as appearing in several commercials and major publications (and a nod of approval from Johnny Depp himself!), Get Captain Jack is as close as you'll get to the 'real thing' as you can without travelling to the Caribbean. But more importantly you'd be hard pressed to find pirates who can keep children's attention like Captain Jack and Lady Molly. Perfect for children's parties, social events and just about anything else you can think of.
Services: improvizational interaction, children's entertainment
Areas served:MA, Southern NH, Southern ME, RI, Northern CT
Northeast Buccaneers More info
The Northeast Buccaneers is a pirate entertainment group from the east coast NH/Maine area. We travel from Northern Maine to Southern Massachusetts entertaining the masses with pirate stories, education, and party like entertainment. From balloon sword making, to eye patch crafting, and piratical history we aim to please. We work diligently to support local business and nonprofit and are available for private parties, kids birthdays, corporate events, and much, much more! Part of the larger Rogues’ Armada we have additional resources and extensions to help make any event a pirate success! Contact us today for more info, or check us out on Facebook to learn more and see events we have done.
Services: improvizational interaction, children's entertainment
Areas served:Northern ME to Southern MA
Pirates of the Cape More info
Captain Kindle Burns leades a crew of pirates that want to be add'n a little pirate fun to your event. They are available for parties, birthdays, store openings, functions, and events of all kinds. If ye be need'n pirates around the ports of the Cape and Islands, look no further!
Services: improvizational interaction, children's entertainment
Areas served:Southern MA, Cape Cop and the Islands
Pirates of the Cape More info
The Buzzards Bay Buccaneers More info
The Buzzards Bay Buccaneers are a duo who have been performing at renfaires and pirate faires throughout New England since 2009. They love sharing their Celtic and traditional dance tunes, played on bouzouki, autoharp, dulcimer and guitar. Along with the jigs, reels, and hornpipes you'll also hear some music by the great Irish composer O'Carolan and an occasional Middle Eastern tune as well. These great tunes will take you on a musical journey through time.
Services: Traditional Music
Areas served:Southern MA
B.O.N.E.S (Brethren Order of the North East Sea) More info
B.O.N.E.S. is a pirate crew with as much love for music and entertainment as for rum and plunder. B.O.N.E.S. focuses on keeping the tradition of shanties alive and strong by performing them for the public. Each of their maritime work songs is family friendly, and most encourage audience participation with their simple and fun choruses and callbacks.B.O.N.E.S. is much more than a mere stage act! You can expect the entire crew to roam about your venue to interact with families, sing songs, play music and games, and overall bring an extra layer of life and excitement to your event.
Services: singing, musicianship, stage combat, and crowd interaction
Areas served:New England
Pirate Republic of Jackdaw More info
We are a non-profit costuming group comprised of video game and movie based pirates.Our mission is to raise charitable funds for a variety of organizations ranging from world wide groups to small local companies that require charitable aid.
Services: improvizational interaction, children's entertainment
Areas served:Northern ME to Southern NH

South West

Compass Rose Brigantine More info
On the border of North Texas and South Oklahoma, the Compass Rose Brigantine is a land locked Brigantine Ship , built in 1968 in Nova Soctia. She has circumvented the globe. Has a varied past including smuggling and is available for education and cruises.
Services: Cruises, Education
Areas served:Northern Texas, Southern Oklahoma Southern NH
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